Adv. Digital Media Class

Enoch Leffingwell

I decided to make an egyptian currency of my own. Using the same size of the Egyptian bill I added my own personal design to it. I decided to use the current president of Egypt as the public figure to represent Egypt. I used well-known national monuments of Egypt. I used the Scarab beatles because it was a very important creature used by the ancient Egyptians. The pyramids were appropriate in my eyes to take up a large portion of the photo. I used egyptian coins found in the tombs of the fallen pharaohs of their history to allow the price of the currency to pop out around the corners. The designs in the back ground were to accentuate the scarab and the mask. I saw that the very outside border seemed to just stop completely in its tracks so I decided to make a very thin outside line around the entire bill to close in the outside border design as well. If I were to make some minor changes to further strengthen my work I would give the background design a color tint to unite the varying colors together and possibly make a thin border around the president of Egypt. I hope you enjoyed my blog work. There will be more in the future!

Egyptian Mock Currency

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Nike Eco Shoe Ad

I created an ad for an Eco friendly Nike shoe. I placed the shoe in an exotic environment to give a feel of rain forest to the advertisement. I used a green font color with an outer glow so that the headline would pop-out and speak green to the reader. There appears to be a bonsai tree growing out from the Eco shoe. The headline compliments the theme of the tree growing green out of the shoe. Though the ad is overall well put together it would be better if I were to change the greek text bellow to a color more readable.

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